Cobalt Mountain


The Cobalt Mountain Project consists of 13 contiguous mineral claims covering some 4,810.6ha located in the Omineca Mining Division of northwest British Columbia

The claims are under option to Landsdown Holdings Ltd. a British Columbia corporation having an office at Suite 700-55 University Ave., Toronto, ON who have the right to earn a 100% undivided interest in the property from the original vendors.

The Mineral Titles Online website confirms that all claims of the Cobalt Mountain property as described in Table 4.1 were in good standing at the date of this report and that no legal encumbrances were registered with the Mineral Titles Branch against the titles at that date.


Any work which disturbs the surface by mechanical means on a mineral claim in British Columbia requires a Notice of Work (NOW) permit under the Mines Act. The owner must receive written approval from a Provincial Mines Inspector prior to undertaking such work.

Mineral Titles can be acquired anywhere in the province where there are no other impeding interests (other mineral titles, reserves, parks, etc.). Surface rights are not included with mineral claims in British Columbia.

There are 14 independently owned crown-granted tenures which underlie portions of the Cobalt Mountain project area. The crown grants are entirely encompassed within the Brunswick claim.

There are no other royalties, back-in rights, environmental liabilities, or other known risks to undertake exploration.

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